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Practical Survival

South African Landscape

I started Practical Survival to assist South African’s, and visitors to South Africa, with survival in the South African context, whether it be in emergencies while out hiking, camping or just surviving the extraordinary circumstances that we find ourselves in, in our everyday lives in the RSA.

There are “how to” videos, training and news articles to keep you engaged and informed. I would also welcome any contributions you might have. Please feel free to leave comments or to make use of the “contact us” page.

You are welcome to give your hints, tips and training and help visitors to the site. I would be especially interested in any articles or techniques that our ancestors used to use, such as how to preserve food, preparing hides etc.

About The Author

About BryanAs a Police Officer, I spent time outdoors on patrol preventing faction fights in rural areas, following up on livestock thefts, destroying Dagga (Hemp, zol) plantations, Border patrols by Vehicle and on foot and I have had plenty of practical experience of living in the wild.

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Why Practical Survival

Over the years of my internet research on my interests, I have come to realise that most sites are written to make money and not to cater to the visitor’s needs. In Practical Survival, I am hoping to provide content that is helpful to you and to help you prepare for emergencies in the most cost-effective but reliable manner.

I will, with the help of you the visitor, show you how;

and lots more. There is no need to go out and buy everything at a huge cost. Most of what you need you can prepare yourself and store it easily for later use.

The aim of this site is to empower you to prepare for emergencies in a manner that is practical and manageable for most people. Buying tinned food and expensive equipment is firstly not practical because of the weight and secondly because it is out of the financial reach of a lot of people.

There will be people who have the funds to go out and buy everything, That is fine and I will show you where to buy if you feel the need to go that route.

Security And Farm Watch

Security in South Africa is a major issue and there are literally thousands of Security services out there and most of them are not cheap. There are also thousands of “fly-by-night” services that offer a cheap service by underpaying their employees. This leads to extremely poor and unreliable service.

In the security section, you will find advice on what to consider when securing your home or business, the use of dogs for safety, alarms, armed response, and farm watch.


How To

In this section you will find videos and training material to help you:

and lots more.

Contributing Articles, Recipes And Advice

There were a lot of skills used by our forefathers before electricity. Skills which we could sorely use today. If you have any of these skills or know someone who does, our readers could surely use your help in getting it to this site where it can be taught to others.

Other useful items of information, like where to buy non-GM seed etc would also be welcomed.

This is where you can contribute to help others learn and prepare. If you have a skill or information that could help others, please feel free to add it here.

 Pray For The Best But Prepare For The Rest

If you are a believer, and we sure hope you are, praying is the best place to start. With this in mind, we must also remember that we do not always get what we ask for if it does not fit into his plans. Bearing this in mind, we really need to prepare for the rest.Eskom

What is the rest? Well, the worst is civil war but there is a lot more that could happen other than civil war. Remember good old Eskom? They have been known to drop the ball and just recently they had a coal crisis that still persists today. So, what happens if Eskom drops the ball again?

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, that is to not take anything for granted. Even as a Boy Scout, we were trained to follow the motto of “Be Prepared”.

In Conclusion

I would ask your indulgence for a second just to remind you not to be panic driven in anything you do or consider. Yes, we are going through some seriously difficult times. Times that require that we evaluate everything we do and say.

I mean, losing your temper and being charged for Crimen Injuria can get you 2 years in prison, so don’t think that some people will not use this to threaten and intimidate you simply by threatening you with a case of Crimen Injuria, whether you did or not.

So, please look to your demeanor in everything you do and never believe everything you read and hear. We are even getting “Official” correspondence on government and SA Police Services letterheads that are fraudulent. Don’t be overcome by panic. Stay Calm, Pray and be prepared for unexpected events, however unpleasant to contemplate. Just remember, working together, calmly will get us through it

Your Opinion Counts

Please leave your opinion at the bottom of any page you read. Good or bad, they all help to improve my service to you and other visitors. You can leave your comments or questions regarding this page here.

Be Aware. Be Safe. Be Prepared!

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