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I started this page to assist South African’s, and visitors to South Africa, with survival in the South African context,BP Camp KZN whether it be in emergencies while out hiking, Camping or just surviving the extraordinary circumstances that we find ourselves in, in our everyday lives in RSA.

What makes me qualified to do this? I am not a Doctor, I am not a cook nor am I a professional hiking guide. I am a South African that grew up in the city, spent all my youth in the Boy Scouts hiking, camping and learning until I received my Chief Scout’s Award. I spent every spare moment when not hiking or camping, swimming in the sea and fishing.

As an adult I was trained as a police officer and did counterinsurgency training and riot training, I spent weeks in the Durban Poison (Dagga, hemp,Zol)bush tracking and searching for criminals, stolen livestock and illegal daga (Hemp) plantations in the forests.

I spent years in the rural areas as a policeman doing special investigations and was the Station Commander of in a Farming Community Police Station. I ran a Private Rural Policing company that specialised in Farm watch for many years.

So No, I am not an expert. I am just a person that has spent years in the veld, practising the survival techniques that I am going to show you in my articles and Video Training. There will be some Items that I as a trainer have been trained to teach and there will be items that I have researched. If I have not done it myself, I will say it in the article.


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