Lockdown On Our Farm – A South African Farmer’s Story

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This is what Surviving South Africa is about. To tell the Stories of farmers and other South Africans Just Surviving South Africa. Lockdown On Our Farm – A South African Farmer’s Story will give you an idea of what South Africans are going through. Although the farmers are having it tough, It is happening throughout South Africa.

This is why we Prep.. We believe that there is quite probably going to be a civil war in South Africa. What, Between the Politics and the likelihood if Eskom (our electricity supplier) collapsing and plunging  the country into darkness and the countries economy down the toilet.

This farmer’s story will give you an idea of what she goes through every day with her family.

Lockdown on our farm today near Stellenbosch

Yesterday we heard about a white farmer murdered on the other side of Stellenbosch, about 5-8 km from us. I tried to get as much information on the web as possible. Door open, I thought, why?

At 6 in the evenings all our doors are closed. Animals inside. On go the beams, spotlights, make sure that all windows areFarm Watch Radio closed, bolts on and no keys in doors. Not too much light inside as well. Fort Knox will be ashamed = then it is on to the Farm Watch to see if all is fine in the area.

When it is time to take our dogs for a wee the second phase starts. Gun in one hand, panic button in the other. One stands in the dark while the other is looking to see if all 11 dogs are fine.

Sometimes you hear a dog goes into the bushes or paddocks. Now what? Running to get the others inside, we need to get to the security company to go investigate. Recently we added spotlights to see if there are anyone instead of going closer. No, ok, it was nothing and we are fine for now.

I feel like a cowboy, target shooting the washing line. Prepared, be prepared my husband said. Me, who is the “Salvation Army”, of the Western Cape now focusing for a bulls-eye.

Two Years of Hell

So it goes on for the past two years after they attacked our farm in 2017. Earlier that year in April both my brothers died five days apart and then my dad in July.

On 25 October 2017, I got at 2 in the morning a call on my cell. My sister in law and her twin girls of 15 screaming. I willFarm Attackers never, ever forget that. My husband ran with the dog = a boot in one foot and a takkie in the other to go help. We didn’t know about armed response then.

Four guys were busy breaking down my sister’s bedroom door where they were hiding. White-eyes, dark weapons, ready to grab the girls. While screams for help is heard all over the farm, they are getting excited because the white flesh is within their reach. You know what is lying ahead.

Was it not for my husband and our dogs, the death count on farm attacks might have been more. Death in my family might be 6 instead of 3 for 2017.

Another Boer Shot Dead

Just two days earlier Joubert Conradie was shot dead on his farm down the road.

People, where was I when this all happened?

Leopard crawling up the hill to the workers to help my husband. In the dark I fall and had to crawl. I am not sure if it was fear, hysteria or pure madness that had me hyperventilating at 2:15 in the morning. Like a Hollywood scene, I can see my husband standing there, dogs all around him, fighting for the girls innocence.

Now I am totally worked up, but this is only the beginning…

Commercial Security Is A Must

We now have a security company operating from our farm 24/7. This morning a SOS call on the Emergency Group: another farm attack after Sunday 2 June’s murder: @ 6:40 am a mother was attacked in with her small kids in the house. Her husband went to the shop.

Oh Sheila, this is also just a crow’s fly from us. Suddenly wide awake we are waiting for the updates. Tears are flowing because why is this happening? On your own place, in your own house? You live from 5 am until 6 pm. Then it is lockdown.

Another Two Hours A Day Stolen

Now they even rob us of 5-7 am living time. I couldn’t work, nor could we take the horses out to the paddocks … Why?

Easy: we are on lockdown and waiting for the five men, heavily armed with guns, fleeing in our directions. Outside our farm, the white farmers, security companies and police form a cordon = all looking through narrow eyes to see into the distance. Focusing on every movement, every maybe can be a lifesaver.

A Bullet And A Coffin

Helicopters in air = this is like a Hollywood special. Just we don’t get paid millions. We receive a bullet and a coffin.

Is immigration an option or not? What about my family here? My grandchild just turned 9. He loved our farm. You get hope, but then it crashes down and you ask: Where will we be safe? Not in South Africa.

I want you to read this and send it to your friends. This is how life is on a farm close to civilisation, very close. What will you do my friend? You who stay overseas and read this.

Tell your friends about our life here in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Spread The Word

This is not my story. I did not even make it up. This is what farmers (Boers) are living through every day of their lives and it is denied by our state president and sidelined by the mainstream media.

If you are South African and you don’t pep yet, maybe you should look around and think about it.

To All you farmers that provide our food, Thank you and you are in our prayers.

Be Aware. Be Safe. Be Prepared!

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4 thoughts on “Lockdown On Our Farm – A South African Farmer’s Story”

  1. Wow!

    I am really sad to hear all this.  I have South African friends, both white and black, and they do not mention anything about this.  Maybe this is why they are in the UK  – escaping the impending furore?

    I grew up amongst the  English and have no ill feelings about them at all.  I always feel disheartened when a person from the Caribbean starts ranting about how slaves were treated by the English. Not all white people are bad and not all blacks are bad.  

    Yet it looks like all hell is about to break loose your side of the planet.  On behalf of blacks, I sincerely apologise for our behaviour.  We have a lot of forgiving to do…

    • Hi Stella,

      This is truly a sad state of affairs and it is not the normal person in the street that has a problem. The issues are being exacerbated by the politicians on all sides in all countries. They cause more issues than there truly are. Anything for votes.

      This, however, does not stop the hate and disrespect on either side and the situation is just spiraling out of control.

  2. What a truly horrendous story. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page so as to help spread the word and highlight the fate of the Boer farmers.

    It all looks like a re-run of events in Zimbabwe when the ‘War Veterans’ were forcing the white farmers off their land and murdering those who refused to leave their homes and their livelihoods behind.

    I would never defend Apartheid, but I find it very hypocritical that in those days, South Africa received constant media attention. That was for the right reason, but now the ‘boot is on the other foot’ so to speak, the Worlds media, pretty well owned by ‘liberal’ left leaning demi-gods in ivory towers, are not interested because the victims are white. 

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. I had high hopes for new beginning for South Africa back in the early 90’s when Nelson Mandela was set free, but many seem hell bent on some form of ‘revenge’ even if it means bringing their Country to it’s knees by getting rid of the people who have the knowledge and skills to run the machinery which keeps everything going. 

    I wonder what Nelson Mandela would think of the people responsible? I’m sure one of things he’d be hoping is that they are not doing this in his name.

    • Hi Richard, 

      As you say, a truly horrendous story that is not getting the publicity in the main stream media it deserves. Here is a link to a story by Lauren Southern from Canada, about what is going on here( It is the 2nd video , about 20% down the page). At least some private media are spreading the word.


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