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This site has been specifically established to distribute information to our group and for the group to ask questions and discuss issues with each other. This site does not replace or compete with the official Suidlanders site.


Access to the rest of this site is for the Moot group but any Suidlander is welcome to use this site. To use this site you will need to sign up and request a password to access meeting dates and venues. The training that Is in the restricted area is similar to the training that you will find on the Suidlanders website and on The primary differences are:

  • This training is in English
  • This training is sent out via Email to the members every week.

Where To Start

I have tried to set up the training to guide the new member through the different stages of preparation, starting with Self-evaluation, Planning and Implementation. There is a lot of training available on the Suidlanders website which you are advised to take a look at. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact your Group Leader. I am more than happy to help but it is better that you interact with your group leader as he needs to know the state of readiness of his group.

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Whatsapp Groups Etiquette.

Get the latest news on the current situation, unrest and unsafe areas to travel. Join the Suidlanders Whatsapp group. When you join the Whatsapp group, you do so to primarily receive messages.

Please Note It has become common practice now for members to place messages on the groups. This poses a serious problem. There are so many messages coming in that Whatsapppeople tend to ignore them or mute them. When an urgent message is then sent out, it is not read for hours and this could cause difficulties.

Please do not place messages, information or warnings on the groups. Send it to your group leader on his direct Whatsapp number and not on the group. The group leader will then forward it to the necessary people who will confirm it first before placing it in the group.

One should also consider that leaders are on a number of groups and get a high volume of WhatsApp that they have to deal with daily. It would be much better if each group contacts their own group leader on their direct Whatsapp.

Things To Consider When Prepping

There are many things to consider when preparing for an emergency evacuation, whatever the emergency is. Some things that you need to consider are:

  • How To Start – A Beginner Prepper Food Supply List
  • Food Supplies
  • Bug out Bags
  • Suitable clothing and footwear
  • Personal health (nappies, sanitary pads, antihistamine, sinutabs, sunblock etc)Pet Food
  • First aid kits, medicines and Chronic medication
  • Water reserves
  • Sleeping requirements (blankets, temp shelters etc)
  • Cooking facilities ( heat, pots, spoons, knives etc)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Tyre Condition
  • Spares for the vehicle (oil, spark plugs, puncture repair kits, jacks and wheel spanners, Spark Plugs, Filters and Fanbelts etc)
  • Additional fuel reserves
  • Suitable seed, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Pets and pet food
  • Accommodation (tents, caravans, ground sheet, plastic for temp cover etc)
  • Assembly points
  • Radios
  • If you have weapons, keep your license handy.


Suidlanders has an extensive training section on their website for the emergency plan. Register and do the training now.

The training on this site is more for dealing with immediate problems before you get to the Suidlanders venues. The training covers the things listed above, as well as other practical things you might need in emergencies like:

  • Packing a backpack,
  • Emergency survival kits
  • Making shelters
  • Correct clothing
  • Making trail food that feeds and lasts when you cannot cook.
  • Cooking over open fires
  • What food to carry in BOB
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Compass and Mapping
  • Night travel
  • Finding Water
  • hunting small animals
  • Foot Care when Walking
  • Making a bush toilet

Prep Properly For The First Three Days

One thing you should consider very carefully is the fact that if you need to evacuate, you will be:Stressed

  1. In a hurry
  2. Stressed
  3. on the move ( possibly for a good few days)

Under these stressful circumstances, you do not know what the future might hold. It is best to be prepared for the most difficult situations. Those situations where you cannot stop to cook, cannot get to your main rations immediately or need to keep an extremely low profile, i.e. no noise, no fire, low visibility. Your family must still eat and you need to keep your strength up.

It is a sound plan to have three days of lightweight, nutritious, ready to eat meals that do not need preparation or fire.

Be Informed

It is important in these times to keep yourself abreast of all the news, but equally important is to evaluate news deliberately and to keep emotions out of the equation. There are a lot of false reports doing the rounds and some of them even make use of false SAPS letterheads.

The Suidlanders are an organisation formed in terms of the Geneva Convention. As such, we hold the state to the terms of the convention and that requires that we too act in terms of the law. We cannot go around flouting the law, carrying illegal firearms and other substances, inciting others to go against the law. What if the false reports are put out to egg us on so that we take matters into our own hands and start the first confrontation. This would put the Suidlanders on the back foot as the opposition would now have grounds to act against us. Be aware and be calm.

In Conclusion

It is far better to plan and prepare and to never need it than it is not to plan and prepare and find yourself and your family in a situation for which you are not prepared and have no way out.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.


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