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It is with great dismay that I write this expose about The Jerusalem Group – The Facts and The Proof that has established itself among some leaders and well-prepared people in the Pretoria Area. A group that planned to abandon their members when The Sh!t hits the fan!



Before I Start

This is not an article to slam Suidlanders. I absolutely believe in what they stand for and their Emergency plan. It is the only formal plan in such detail that I know of. 

What I am making a stand over is, the behavior of a few of the Leaders in the Central Transvaal Province. I am not advocating the leaving of Suidlanders in any way.

I have reported this Group to the former Provincial Leader, Suidlanders Head Office in Van der Kloof and to the New Provincial leader, and nothing has happened since the beginning of February 2019. I have since reported it to another Head Office Member who has had meetings with the Group Leaders in Central Transvaal Area but some of the leaders involved were not present. I have been told by a Head Office member to let the people that ask for the proof  of the existence of the JG, have a link to this page with the proof.

So Now, Here is the proof!Line in the sand

The fact that I have to resort to this method of getting this cautionary message to the members of the Mood Groups is :

  1. A sign of the stranglehold that these people have over the leaders in the Groups and
  2.  To what lengths that they will go to cover their tracks                                                     Click Image to enlarge

What Is The Jerusalem Group (JG)

It is a group of people, Regional leaders, former Regional Leaders, Group leaders and key members, such as Radio people and well-prepared ordinary members of the Moot East and West groups.

These people have plans to : Suidlanders Logo

  1. If circumstances permit, withdraw with the rest of the Suidlanders to close to Migdol ( no longer the destination), and then branch off on their own route to Oranja, to collect all their trailers and goods left in storage in Oranja. From there they intend to flee to Van der Kloof, The Head Office, where they want to establish themselves in safety.
  2. If certain signs (which Hannes Raath has determined) occur before then, they will flee immediately, abandoning those that they have accepted responsibility for! They will then flee, following their own predetermined Route which they have already planned.

How Did I Get Involved In This

I am not involved in the Jerusalem Group. I was a group leader in Moot in the beginning of 2018 but resigned and moved to another area.

In February 2019, a former group member came to me requesting my assistance in a matter where he felt he was being victimised. He told me the story and this included what was happening in the Moot area involving the Jerusalem Group, of which he was a member. He asked me to please not expose the group.

I chewed on this for 2 days and found that I could not bring myself to become part of this cowardly scheme. What follows is the sequence of events, the screenshots of the proof, and what action I have taken and why.

This matter does not affect me at all. I gain nothing by Reporting it, but I do need to live with my conscience if I don’t report the matter and the worst happens and people are left without leadership in the Moot area because the leaders all abandoned them.

My First Report To The Former Provincial Leader

I was informed of this on the Thursday evening the 14th February 2019. Now I agree everyone has the right to pack and go whenever and Transvaal Map SAwhere ever they want. It is their right, except when they have raised their hands and accepted a post as a leader, which entails looking after other people. They then forfeit that right, and they are responsible for those people that are members of their group.

It is unthinkable that anyone can, under any circumstances, plan to abandon those people, leaving them without leaders, knowledge of the routes or collection points. No leader has that right. It would render any system, including the Suidlanders, totally useless if the leader were to just disappear to protect themselves, abandoning the other members without leadership.

With that in mind, I phoned the then Provincial Leader on the 16th of February 2019 and informed him of the situation. Within an hour the person, whom had asked me for advice, phoned me and informed me that he had received a message from Hannes Raath reprimanding him for telling Nico of the group. I informed The member that I had not reported it to Nico but to the then Provincial leader.

Knee-Jerk Reaction By Jerusalem Group

It was also discovered that the SL member was immediately blocked by all the key JG members from the “telegram Groups” and Personal “WhatsApp profiles”. They also all “left” the Jerusalem group “Telegram” group immediately. The SL member then started getting threatening WhatsApp messages from some members.

As he had to go to Van der Kloof to sign papers for his new firearm, he decided to leave and collect some of his goods from Oranja, and change the locks on his storage unit, as members of the JG had a duplicate key to his unit.

I was asked to go with as it was a long distance to travel alone. We decided to go to VDK Head Office to discuss the two matters with them. These matters being,

  • his issue with a member of the JG and
  • my issue that the JG consisted of leaders that were preparing to abandon their groups.

Head Office’s Reaction

We had several meetings, with Simon Roch, Andre Coetzee and one meeting with The Head of the Suidlanders, Gustav Muller. All appeared mortified that this was happening. They also informed us of the goings-on that was being investigated by the HO team.Van Der Kloof

We were informed of what action was being taken against the senior members of Central TVL and before we left, we were informed of who the new Provincial Leader was.

Andre also requested that we attend the meeting of all the Group leaders and senior Leaders of Central Tvl Where they were to inform everyone of the actions taken against certain senior leaders.

The Provincial Leader, Nico’s Reaction

At the leaders meeting, Andre Coetzee referred to the goings-on of the Jerusalem group. After they had left Nico was saying to people that he was shocked at the news and that he had no knowledge of the Jerusalem Group, despite the fact that Hannes Raath had informed Nico of my report about the Jerusalem Group (JG) on the 16th February! Makes one wonder!

Despite the misgivings, I attended a meeting with Nico and another Moot West Leader where the entire issue was discussed and all the documented proof was handed over.

The next things I know…

She’s Promoted, Despite Planning To Abandon Her Charges!

I was flabbergasted and really taken aback when I received a message that Henriette Vorster, a leading member of the JG was promoted in the Moot organisation. I wrote a series of messages in reply to the message of her promotion on WhatsApp but immediately deleted them. I did not think it was the correct forum and was concerned about the damage it could do to Suidlanders and its member.

Henriette replied to my post on the Whatsapp group demanding proof. So here it is. I thought that doing it in a controlled environment where it is not made available to the Public would be a better method of showing the proof to everyone concerned. (See Update Below – It Is Now Public)

What They Planned And The Proof


This group was a secret group that had to be kept under cover.

Henriette Vorster sent a message to ensure that her name was not mentioned in communications. I wonder why this was necessary if everything was above board? 2273 Secret

Click On Image To Enlarge






Alternative Agenda

The Jerusalem Group has an alternative agenda and that does not correspond with Suidlanders Cause. 2768 Separate agenda

In this message, Hannes Raath lays out the differences for the new members.


Click On Image To Enlarge




Leaders and Key Members

This is a list of the Members of the Jerusalem Group. 2772 List of former members You can see that they all left on the same day! (click on the picture to enlarge it). I have a list of Moot East group leaders but it would be unfair to those not involved to have their names associated with this group. Look through the list and see if you know any of the members. Is your group Leader named here?



Click On Image To Enlarge





Separate Radio Group

They have a separate radio group with their own channels. 2889 Own Radio Frequencies

Click On Image To Enlarge






They may not let the Suidlanders program and lock their radios. They will have their own radio person (oom Pieter) program Own Frequencies don't use SLtheir radios with their own frequencies.




Click On Image To Enlarge




Own Indications For Time To Bug Out

This group has its own timetable for bugging out. They will not be waiting for head office’s message, Which would be their Right if they were not Leaders in the Suidlanders organisation responsible for other members.  Those members may be You! 2753 Bug out triggers

This is Hannes Raath’s Message to the members


Click On Image To Enlarge


Own Route Planned

They have their own Route planned and circulated between themselves. Own RoutesAre you aware of these routes?




Click On Image To Enlarge




So Why Are They Still Active As Leaders


My concern is that despite all the evidence presented to the powers that be, these people are still active leaders in Suidlanders Moot East and West. Does the fact that these people:

  1. plan to abandon their groups,
  2. run a secret organisation within Suidlanders
  3. subvert Suidlanders planning and organisation

not merit their being removed from leadership positions?

How They Keep This Away From The Moot Members

To ensure that the Moot members do not hear of this, The member that informed me of this has:Silence

  1. been blocked by all the leaders on their WhattsApps
  2. been ostracized by All the leaders who have been told by Henriette that they may not communicate with the member
  3. been banned from all groups in the area and may not attend meetings
  4. been blocked and now receives no messages from any of the Suidlander Groups in Moot.

This effectively ensured that nobody had any contact with the member, effectively isolating the information he has about the JG. My question is, why has HO not finalised this matter as speedily and effectively as they did with the people that placed HO at risk. What was our Provincial Leader’s reason for promoting someone that faces these allegations and has not been cleared?

UPDATE 19/03/2019

Last week we had a meeting with Ersnt van den Berg from Head Office. The evidence was all given to him and he said that he would be working on the information.

Today I contacted him again to ask him about the people that requested the proof about my allegations. He informed me that he had not had an opportunity to deal with the matter yet and told me to give the proof to the people that request it as it might be better to deal with the situation in the open.

As a result of his decision, I sent a link to 4 people. At 14:00 today I received a call from Nico, the provincial leader, demanding to know where I had published the proof. As I was in a consultation, I sent him the link and promised to call him back later.

When I called Nico Later, he became confrontational and refused to give me a chance to respond. He then accused me of being a trouble maker and I switched the phone off. He then removed me from my SL group’s communication group on Whatsapp, just as they did with the person that informed me of the JG.

When I contacted Ernst again, he told me that the situation had been dealt with according to Nico and that the situation must be accepted as it is as those leaders have closed the group.

Do You Believe it? If I was in any of those groups, I would not accept that those people were still my leaders because I would have lostbanned confidence in them. Unfortunately, none of the people in those groups know of the situation and have no say in the matter.

  • Were You informed?
  • Did you get a chance to put your view forward?
  • Are you happy to have them as your leader still?


I believe that all the members of the Moot Groups need to be aware of the quality of leaders in their groups and am considering sending them all links to this article.

This entire situation has left a bad taste in my mouth and I don’t believe that I have sufficient confidence in the Local Suidlanders Leaders to remain a member. I just feel that I need to know that my leaders have my best interest at heart. This incident, and how it has been handled does not lead me to believe, beyond doubt, that this will be the case.

Has anyone discussed this issue with you? Nowhere have they denied the existence of the Jerusalem Group but they try and deflect attention by making unfounded accusations without any proof. Nor are the people accused of being Trouble makers given an opportunity to explain their actions!

What Is Your Opinion In This Matter

In my opinion, the members concerned should resign as leaders. Failing this, they should be removed from their positions by Head Office.

I am sure that you must have an opinion on this matter. If you are happy with the situation, say so below. Please leave your opinion in the comments section below.

Some people have claimed to have more info. If you have any other info, feel free to let me know in the comments below or on the Contact US page.

If you believe that I am a trouble maker acting maliciously, have your say below.


A Proud “Trouble Maker” (acting in the interest of those that need to know)

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4 thoughts on “The Jerusalem Group – The Facts and The Proof

  1. It is now 11/4/2019 and the Moot leaders involved has resigned except for NvS. What is your view on these developments?

    1. Because of my association with the SL member that gave me the information on the Jerusalem Group, I was removed from all the SL information groups and I have not been privy to have updates of the goings on in the Moot area anymore. From your comment, it appears that the National SL leadership have done nothing about the leaders that were planning to abandon their members. Instead, the provincial leader and the national leaders appear to have ignored the information.

      I have heard that some of the leaders involved are alleged to have written a letter bewailing the fact that they get no answers from National Head Office so they have resigned. I just find it strange that they now appear to have moved focus from their actions to the actions (or lack thereof) of the National HO.

      The alleged ringleaders of the Jerusalem group are still in their posts and still nothing has happened to them. I am not sure that I would put my faith and my families security in their hands, not knowing if they will be there to lead or if they will have fled before the rest of the Moot Members!

  2. Hierdie is so bekommerend. Want toe ek ons groep leiers daaroor uitvra toe word daar vir my gese deur Nico Van Sitter “Ja maar dis n lang storie kry die hele groep bymekaar dan vertel ek almal. Julle het net die helfte van die inligting” hoe is dit my verantwoordelikheid as lid om die groep bymekaar te kry. Is dit nie hoekom ons leiers het nie?

    1. Hi Cherie,

      Please excuse me answering in English but I want to make sure that my message is clear and correct.

      There are two incidents that they are trying to treat as one:
      1. The issue of the emotional involvement between two members. This is how I found out about the second issue.
      2. The issue of the Leaders that are or were planning to abandon all their members and flee before everyone else.

      These are two separate issues. They are trying to merge the two so that they can cover up the second. No matter what happened between the two SL members emotionally, It does not excuse the fact that these leaders planned to abandon their members.

      Now the senior leadership, Nico in particular, are trying to play it down, saying that they have dealt with it and the leaders have disbanded the group.

      Do you believe that the JG is disbanded or have they just gone deeper underground?
      Do you trust them as leaders still?
      What about our Provincial leader that is still trying to cover it up?

      All my allegations have documented proof. Where is their proof? Why do they want to have closed meetings without the people making the allegation? I would be happy to debate this whole issue and bring my proof.

      I do not believe that the answer to this problem is leaving SL but rather that these leaders, including the Provincial leader, that is trying so hard to cover this incident up, should be replaced.

      Their concern over who would replace them is a pure excuse. I know a lot of SL members and I know Two that I would nominate to replace the senior post in this province.

      There are a lot of competent people out there that could do an incredible job.

      Thanks for your comment


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