ANC COVID19 Farm Murders BBBEE Escom SAA Dept Of Health

How Do We Survive?

Like the Big 5, the minorities are in grave danger

Supposedly to benefit the poor, BEE really just enriches the well connected ANC Cadre's.

The ANC's Corrupt Policies

A Dying Economy

Long before COVID, South Africa's economy was in dire straights.

Eskom Is A Major Threat

Just as a vehicle cannot run without fuel, so too can the country not run and grow its ecconomy without electricity.

I am almost too scared to discuss any of the other 200+ SOEs, none of which make a proffit these days

Failing SEOs 

How long can the State afford to  subsidise these SEOs?

Failing SEOs 

Covid is now being used as a smokescreen to hide all the failings of the ANC that were showing just before COVID 19.

And Then Covid.......

The Lockdown provided the perfect way to destroy white business by only providing financial support to black owned companies!


As a result of the businesses closing, there are over 3 million new people unemployed leading to a proliferation of White Squatter Camps

Squatter Camps

Unity is Strength

If Unity is Strength, is it not time that we become a united people. A people that supports our members, buys from our people and employs our people?

Business Lists

There are a number of business lists that cater for our business needs.  Let us use them to support our people that do not qualify for State Racist Assistance

Let Us Build One More

We have always been builders and do-ers

Let us stand together and build once more

Add your business to this new list

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