Welcome 2021 – Crime, Covid & The ANC

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Here, on the last day of 2020, I sit and ponder what has been in 2020 and what is to come in 2021, and I must say that it brings on a certain amount of trepidation. 

In this article, I will welcome 2021, cautiously, while looking back at 2020. I have attached a number of videos that you may or may not have seen. Bookmark this page and come back to the videos when you have the time to watch them.

Judging By 2020

Yes, 2020 brought us The DREADED COVID 19 but, our problems started long before Covid. Hence the title, Welcome 2021 – Crime, Covid & the ANC, because I do not believe that 2021 will be any better than 2020. 

Leading Causes Of Death

The ANC’s President Ramaposa let us finish 2020 with a return to level 3 lockdown with stricter curfews and total alcohol ban and this stretches into 2021. 

A great start, destroying millions more jobs and cause more people to be unemployed! This for something that is responsible for only 0.36 deaths per thousand in South Africa. How do we destroy the lives of millions of South Africans for something that is only 9th on the list?


Crime – Crime in South Africa is horrific! Don’t let anyone fool you into believing otherwise. In the days when I was still a member of the South African Police and later when it changed to the SAPS(Service) Ther were regular crime statistics published.

I remember, as a young Sergeant, the nights we spent gathering statistics for parliamentary questions. We actually went through the registers and the SAP 6 (the monthly statistical feedback of all crime) to give accurate answers. Our SAP 6 was accurate and crimes were correctly classified.

Nowadays, crimes are changed from serious crimes to lesser crimes so that they do not make the SAP 6 look bad. Now you have a skewed statistical report so that the crime does not look so bad.

Just consider how many 

  • Murders, 
  • Armed Robberies
  • Rapes
  • Farm Attacks
  • Vehicle hijackings etc.

there were before COVID 19 hit us. And then we have to deal with incompetent, corrupt and ill-trained policemen and pathetic Police service. Here is just one of many videos of the disgusting behaviour of our police officers. https://youtu.be/K4g-3zyr3CU


Destitute Whites

Unemployment has been skyrocketing over the past 20 years and we have even seen it hitting the minorities. This is predominantly due to the BEE policies of the ANC. Whites, Indians and Coloureds have little or no chance of employment unless they know someone in the right places.

In the white communities, we now have an unheard of number of people in white squatter camps. there are many that are qualified tradesmen but, because of BEE, they cannot get work.


Have we ever seen corruption on the scale that has been prevalent since the ANC came to power? https://youtu.be/1g2SAdg2hiQ

It is so widespread that it is often considered to be a culture in the ANC.https://youtu.be/KRRgqNgDr5E

Here’s Covid

Then, in March 2020 The cANCer’ s President Ramaposa announced the Covid Comand Council and lockdown for 3 weeks to help prepare the hospitals for the influx of COVID patients. We all know how that went and the 3 weeks stretched to months.

Irrational Regulations

Well, where to start here? There have just been so many that the Pretoria High Court has declared many of them unconstitutional. So what were some of them? Well here are a few:

  • Buying clothing. You could buy a jersey but no undergarments. open shoes were also illegal to sell. 
  • Exercise You could run on the promenade but not set foot on the beach.
  • Schools were closed but you could stand in queues for food parcels.
  • Hairdressers were closed but taxis could convey a full load.

These are but a few of the stupid, irrational things that were made illegal by the regulations. Watch this legal explanation of the High Courts ruling by a lawyer. https://youtu.be/_C2JXVEtzgU

Cigarette Ban

Who benefitted from the ban? This has been the biggest question throughout the ban with many people being named as beneficiaries, some of them politicians. 

The illicit cigarettes were being transported by some SAPS and SANDF vehicle and personnel. https://youtu.be/x8xiqUm_E70

I know of people that were buying cigarettes fro illicit dealers at R180 and selling them for R280 and more. The cigarettes were allegedly delivered by security personnel and forwarded by company vehicle that had permits to travel.

Alcohol Ban

As with cigarettes, alcohol too was banned and all this did was to develop a huge illicit trade. Alcohol could still be obtained, just not through the front door. In many cases, the same people traded in both cigarettes and alcohol and made huge sums of money during that period.

LTD Church

People could travel in a full taxi but there could only be 50 people at Church. 

Small Funerals

Again, you could use full taxis to get there but only 50 people could attend the funeral service.

Military On The Streets

This was the most concerning to me. What would be the next step? How do you train warriors to be policemen in a matter of hours? There is no wonder that they killed and beat up people while they were out and about. watch this video.  https://youtu.be/adNAF6Sph4I

THE ANC it's your fault

Corruption, Incompetence and more. What happened to the five hundred billion Rand that was for the covid relief, and what about all the money that the country borrowed? 

Not only have billions been stolen by cANCer members but they blame you, it’s your fault that we are now going into lockdown again without adequately equipped hospitals without oxygen, a shortage of beds and exhausted frontline workers.

So What Is Comming In 2021

It is with regret that I must inform you that we are in for more of the same and a lot worse in 2021.

An Incompetent And Rampant ANC Government

Unless the Liberty Fighters Network is successful in enforcing the order of the Pretoria High Court and have Dlamini Zulma charged for contempt of court, I believe the cANCer will be emboldened to do as they will in 2021 without fear of anyone being able to stop them. 

The economy has little chance of surviving these lockdowns and the population even less. With jobs disappearing fast and people not being able to buy food, pay for their homes and vehicles, not to talk of school fees, medical aids and the like, where do they turn to?

The State certainly does not have the funds to dish out even more food parcels to the needy, and with the tax base shrinking, the State funds are diminishing. Even if they did send out food parcels, we all know what happened to them.


The cANCer members that hold office and have criminal cases pending are refusing to step down and to date not one of them have been convicted. Their members and the population at large see this and accept that nothing happens.

Let’s face it, if you had no food for your family and no help, would you not steal to feed your kids? With this in mind, I believe that there will be a huge increase in crime. If anyone tries to stop them getting food(and alcohol) there will undoubtedly be violence.

Let us not forget the municipal elections scheduled for 2021. As per usual, the politicians will undoubtedly again resort to race politics to appeal to their constituents for their votes. This is likely to lead to more racial tension, hatred, home robberies and farm attacks.

Let us not forget the looting and burning of trucks. There are so many videos out there of instances of looting and burning and many of them show the perpetrators and their vehicle registration numbers yet we never hear of arrests and convictions. Here is just one of the many videos. https://youtu.be/6DQ5c_qdLbw

Racial Tension, Confrontation And Minorities

Racial Tension

Racial tension is a reality now in South Africa, thanks to the politicians. Between the ANCEFF and Black First Land First racial tension has been and will continue to be fanned even more to try and gain popularity amongst the voters with a view to the coming municipal elections.

This does not bode well for minority groups, especially the whites, as they are easy targets to be blamed for everything, because of apartheid. Whites and apartheid are now convenient scapegoats and will be targeted more and more as the election draws nearer and the politicians become more focussed on gaining votes at any cost.

What Does This Mean For Minorities

I am not an expert, by any means, in political studies but mu logic tells me that, as the politicians try to garner more and more support by any means, they will surely intensify blaming the whites, Jan van Riebeek, foreigners, white capital and anything else that will draw voters to them and deflect attention from their own illegal activities and failures.

As this rhetoric intensifies, the confrontation with and hatred for Whites is likely to intensify making it very difficult for this minority. Relying on the Police to protect us is dodgy at best. I am not saying that there are no good policemen, but I would not bank on a good policeman coming to my rescue in time. https://youtu.be/-3Ippb6pZdo


I have been discussing this for years now. We insure our vehicles, our homes, the contents of our homes, we take out medical aids and even credit card insurance.  What insurance can we take out for emergencies like Civil war? None. We have to self insure.

How do we self insure for such eventualities? We Prep. We develop a plan of action for different situations the have the greatest possibility of occurring. Preppers are not those people with tinfoil hats anymore. They are Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Policemen Nurses and the like that are self-insuring against what they think could possibly occur.

So Where To Now

There are no insurance companies that cover a civil war in South Africa, but there are groups that have huge numbers of likeminded people who have advanced plans and training for their members.

I personally belong to a group called Suidlanders. They have a plan that meets the requirement of the Geneve convention regarding civilians and civil war. This plan is advanced, is public and follows South African and International law. I personally do not believe in secret groups as this implies impropriety/illegal actions or planes.

Research the different groups and consider joining one that suits your needs. Our priority is to keep our families safe and then to do what is required. 

Your Opinion

This is a very emotional topic and I would really appreciate your opinion. Please leave your comments below or go here to message me directly.

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