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Sorry for keeping you. I am still busy developing this site. While you wait, look at some interesting videos on the situation in South Africa

Anything is available in South Africa…for a price. I did this investigation in 2000

Some interesting facts.

And People ask why we need to Prepare for Survival in South Africa.

This is what our politicians say

Crime does not only affect Whites…BUT

So ALL Whites are Thieves?

I have been contemplating this site website for 2 years now.  I wanted it to be something that is going to be of benefit to people and make a difference in people’s lives. While Alan Paton’s book was titled Cry The Beloved Country and while millions are screaming that we do not belong here, We are screaming Cry Our Beloved Country and so Surviving South Africa was born​​

Many South Africans believe, and the politicians are telling us, that a civil war is brewing and the people to be targeted are us. Now I am not one to run for the mountains at the first hint of trouble but, after years of experience in the police, I know you had better have a disaster management plan in place and that you had better be prepared to implement it.

I have prepared many plans and proposals for the “Just in case” scenario and not once have I had to implement them, but I would have been a fool not to have done the planning, preparing and training. Just as in business, you develop a disaster management plan, so too should you have one in your life because, let’s face it, Sh!t happens and not always to other people!

It is better to be prepared and never need it than not to be prepared and need it! It is in that spirit that I write these articles and make these training’s available to everyone and I hope and pray that we will never need to use any of it.



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